The Physics Collection

Classical & Quantum Physics

The next great theory is waiting to be written. Notebooks made with the original works of Newton, Einstein, Schrödinger and more.

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How Our Notebooks Are Made

We sourced historic works relevant to the field and digitally adapted them. From Newton's 1687 masterpiece, Principia, to Schrödinger's landmark equation from 1926.

Designs Completed

With feedback from our online community, our covers go through many drafts over weeks and months until they are ready.

Paper Milled in Cumbria

A notebook is only as good as its paper. We selected a premium, off-white, 100 gsm paper suitable for fountain pens to give you the best possible writing experience.

Handcrafted in England

Once the designs are finalised and the paper milled a small team of expert bookbinders handcraft our notebooks.


A5 (5.82" x 8.26")

180 pages

100 gsm fountain-pen-friendly paper

Thread sewn lay flat binding

1500 mic board hardcover

Black bookmark ribbon

Handmade in the UK 

FSC Certified paper and plastic free packaging