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began in a notebook

What will you write in yours?

Join 3500+ science enthusiasts in 50+ countries writing in our notebooks

We designed our notebook covers using extracts from the original works of Newton, Einstein, Curie et al. to inspire you as you build on their legacy. The next great idea is waiting to be written. What will yours be?

  • Planning your next experiment?
  • Writing notes for your exams?
  • Taking some time to yourself to jot down a few thoughts?

"Beautiful Notebooks!"

"The notebooks are absolutely beautiful! They feel amazing and the pages are really high quality too". Harri B, UK

be inspired
Your notes alongside those of the greats

We selected key works from science history and included them on our notebook covers.

From Darwin's On the Origin of Species to Newton's Principia let them inspire you as you continue to build on their legacy.

The next great idea is waiting to be written; what will yours be?

our paper
A notebook is only as good as its paper

We've selected some of the finest, fountain pen-friendly paper available in the UK so as you write the next great theory (or simply your shopping list) your pen will glide over the pages.

And our lay flat thread sewn binding allows your notebook to fall open.

Handmade in the UK

We partnered with a world-renowned bookbinder to produce notebooks befitting of the great scientists on the covers.

Handmade by a team of experts using techniques honed over generations our handmade notebooks are carefully constructed entirely in the UK.

our story
How it all began

Hi, my name's Damian and I'm the founder of Atoms to Astronauts. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our science store. If you'd like to know more about our story, click below.

We're doing our part
Sustainable Materials & Practices

Our notebooks are made in the UK so only have to travel a few miles from our manufacturer to us.

This greatly reduces CO2 emissions compared to using overseas manufacturers.

Once you've opened your science parcel from us, you can place all the packaging in the recycle bins, including the tape (even the packing peanuts are compostable).

All our paper is FSC certified and recyclable (but these notebooks aren't for throwing away once finished!)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you ordered from outside the UK and it hasn't arrived on time, get in touch. The chances are it has been held up at customs and we'll do our best to chase it up.

We are able to ship to 220 countries so the chances are, yes we can get our notebooks to you. If you'd like us to investigate further, email or use our contact page below.

We'll pack and post your order within 24 hours of it being ordered (Monday-Friday). If for any reason there's a delay, we'll be in touch.

From start to finish our notebooks are made entirely in the UK

We've selected 100 gsm, off-white, UK-milled paper for our notebooks. And it's entirely, independently verified as fountain pen friendly.

We're quickly growing our catalogue of fields of science covered. If you can't find what you're looking for, message and we'll add it to our list - the larger the number of requests, the higher the chance it will be produced next.

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