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Classy Notebooks

I bought two at the Glasgow Country Living Exhibition where I met Damian. One was for a serious Maths geek and one for my husband who records all his salmon fishing adventures and catches. It’s constructed beautifully and the paper is of the finest quality. A real keepsake when written up with tales of trips to fine rivers at home and in far off destinations.

Fabulous Paper!

I'm always skeptical when I see "fountain pen friendly" as it rarely is...this however is fabulous!!. Doesn't bleed or feather, shows shading sheen and shimmer. All in a fab cover ! Brilliant! As soon as there are new cover designs I'll buy another.

18 Months Later - Best Notebook I ever had

I cannot recommend Atoms to Astronauts enough for their hardcover notebooks and wish them all the best.

As of writing this review I finally filled my notebook. It has been one of the best notebooks I've ever owned and has always given me a feel-good attitude to write in knowing where it came from.

Going forward I will be buying another, and hoping to fill it in a shorter space of time!

Awesome notebook!

I’m really happy with my new notebook. Love the unique design, and the pages are really nice to write on, even with fountain pen! I will definitely be buying more.

I cannot recommend this store enough!

I cannot recommend this store enough!

I have bought a few notebooks, both hard and soft cover from this store. The quality of the products are really high, the shipping prompt and the seller communication is excellent.

From the few times I have had to contact the seller regarding mistakes I have made, the response has always been super courteous and helpful with the issue always being resolved.

I work in a lab and really enjoy using these scientific themed notebooks, and despite how rough I am with them, they tend to hold up well.

TL:DR - Quality of products are high and look/feel real nice. The seller is really courteous and helpful.

thank so much for this Joshua, it's really made my day and I'm delighted you think we're doing a good job

One of a kind notebook

Firstly I just want to say that ATA has very unique designs for all the notebooks. Such designs are rare and is definitely something new. Really love the material used in the cover, and you can tell it is really hand-crafted as the edges are not "machine-perfect" but also not damaged either.

Something about the cover makes it such that the spine isn't damaged when the book is "butterfly-ed" and thats a plus point for someone that often opens their books fully. However, that comes with a flaw where you can't fold the book into itself like other soft covers. The spine is too stiff and the first page is slightly harder than the other pages. Its possible if you force it but you will damage the spine.

The pages write really well in both ink and graphite. Graphite doesnt leave marks when erased. Really an incredible quality.

One thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the price, including shipping. It is understandable that small business needs to sell products at a higher price and shipping isn't cheap. But for me its sort of the "5-star-dealbreaker". So if shipping fees doesn't bother you, this product is as good as 5 stars.

Highly recommended for geeks into the different designs or just anyone looking for a geeky unique notebook.

Timothy, thank you for your review! I'm delighted to have you as a customer. Your feedback is very valuable

Fantastic Quality! I enthusiastically recommend them and their products

I purchased the cell biology journal and it's great: it looks awesome, it's very well-crafted, high-quality materials and paper. People always ask about it when they see it. I thought that the personalized, hand written note included in the package was a lovely touch as well. It shipped very quickly from England to the US, so don't fret if you get a generic description from the royal mail after you order.

I'll be buying a lot more from this company. Keep up the great work!

Kyle, thanks so much for leaving a review - it helps enormously and I'm espeically delighted you like the notebook. Hope you're having a great day, Damian

Great design

Bought the A5 maths cover. Love the design. It arrived quickly and was pleasantly surprised by the note inside. Can’t wait to show it off in calculus.

Hi Darren,
Thank you so much for leaving a review! Delighted you like it.

Great quality.

I recently bought this for a friend. When it arrived I was very impressed by the presentation, quality and it looked just as amazing as it does on the website. I highly recommend.

Hi Sachin. Thanks for your order and for this review! It's great you like it

Top notch

Love the Maths notebook. Great cover design. Pages are good quality. Was bought as a gift.
The recipient loved it.
Would highly recommend.

Beautiful notebooks!

The notebooks are absolutely beautiful. The pictures on the website do not do them justice with their quality. They feel amazing, and the pages are really good quality too. I have been recommending them to friends, whom I know enjoy writing and love notebooks too.

Brilliant products!

I’ve bought 4 notebooks and a mug from this store and they’re all absolutely brilliant! Really good quality products with stunning designs and would definitely recommend!

gorgeous notebook

so pretty and well made, the quality is amazing and def worth the price. thank you so much <33

thank you for your review! I'm delighted you like it.

Great looking product

I bought this as a gift for someone else. Having a look at it, I am seriously considering buying one myself. Excellent looking quality.


Very high quality China. The design on it is perfect even down to the finer pieces of writing and the colour is exactly as seen in the pictures. Great gift for a loved one. 10/10 customer service as well. Highly recommend!

Space Exploration Fine Bone China Mug
Emily G.

Absolutely love this mug.

I ordered this, the palaeontology mug and the palaeontology notebook as a gift for my boyfriend and he’s delighted with all the products I bought. The print quality on the mug is great, even down to the finer pieces of writing. The colour is lovely and the mug itself is great quality, sturdy but thin China. This is a great gift for yourself or for a loved one.

And the customer service here is amazing. I was kept informed of every part of the postage and shopping process, with very fast email replies to any questions I had. Highly recommend.

These make the best gift!

I am so delighted that I bought this notebook.

The hard cover is very durable and great quality, the print on the cover is beautifully designed. The end pages on the inside are lovely too. Very high quality paper, perfect for using any kind of pens but absolutely perfect for fountain pens. Bought as a gift for my boyfriend, I also bought two mugs as well and he’s delighted with all of the products.


Best Notebook I Own

I love this notebook. I use it to keep up with my assignments and take meeting notes. As a PhD student this notebook has become a part of my daily life.

really nice :)

it came really quickly and in a nice sturdy little box, it feels really soft and has a really pretty design. it moves around really easily and doesnt feel like its going to break i love it :)

Astronomy notebook

I recently bought one of your new astronomy notebooks for a friend and am delighted with the quality as well as the images. It is sometimes hard to buy gifts for others but these notebooks cannot be beaten for quality and value for money.

Beautiful, high quality notebooks

I just ordered my second notebook (having loved my first), and of course it's made with exceptional quality, beautiful to look at and beautiful to write in with my fountain pens.

A lovely gift

A lovely gift for a Physics teacher who was retiring. He will love it. Great quality and beautifully designed!

Exceptional. Every time.

I’ve now got 3 notebooks, as well as ordering mugs & posters for friends too. And every time they are exceptional! The quality is genuinely worth every penny, the detail is meticulous and the service unrivalled. If you have friends who are science geeks - or even if you don’t - anything from AtoA makes the perfect gift. Do not hesitate!

Computer Science Fine Bone China Mug
Nigel T.
Love the Mug

I wanted a Computer Science themed mug for my son who just started the course at Uni. Looked long and hard to find an appropriately themed mug. Just could not locate anything having a similar quality with a unique stylish relevant pattern as that sold by AtA - love it & thank you !!

Amazing quality

My order arrived in perfect shape all the way to Mexico.
The paper quality is really great (tested with Kaweco fountain pen ink) and the mug is really nice to. I love it!